Abella Anderson Quick Facts

Alias: Latina Ruvi, Amy Quesada
Date of Birth: 5/16/1988
Home Town: Miami, Florida, USA
Measurements: 34D-26-38
Height: 5’2
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Abella Anderson Biography

Abella Anderson was born in Miami, Florida in 1988. Abella made her first appearance on the adult industry scene in 2007. During her first year in the adult industry Abella featured in only one adult film production.

Abella Anderson is loved by her fans for her big juicy tits as well as that plump round ass! Abella currently does not have any tattoos but she does have her belly button pierced.

During her adult career Abella Anderson has only featured in the single adult film “Dangerous Curves”  produced by Jules Jordan. During her first movie, Abella worked alongside big names such as Ben English, Jenaveve Jolie and Gina Lynn.

And her “Official” Titter page is here!

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